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Time to evaluate your weed control
Sep 25th, 2014

While this article is targetted mainly to weed control in cereal crops, the idea of evaluating your program on a yearly basis is applicable to any crop.  By the time spring time rolls around it may be difficult to remember the details of the control you got from your weed control program, so the best time to make notes is now!


Weed Spotter App
Sep 8th, 2014

The City of Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada, has recently released a free-to-use app to help identify weeds.  The download can be found here:  https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/alberta-weed-spotter/id889877970 

Not just a hooded sprayer
Sep 3rd, 2013

One thing we often hear at tradeshows from passers-by is “oh great idea, a shielded sprayer”. Certainly the shielding is important, it helps protect the spray droplets from wind and tells the user exactly where they are spraying. Therefore the sprayhood allows the operator to confidently spray closer to their sensitive crop without worry about damage.

However, this is only one of the features of the Mankar Ultra-Low Volume system. The main way that the Mankar system reduces drift is due to the pressureless delivery system; the herbicide is dripped into the spinning-disc atomizer which then cuts the liquid into small evenly-sized droplets. Using this technology ensures that no vapors are created, which is a major cause of pesticide drift. Evenly-sized, evenly-spaced small droplets ensures excellent coverage with less liquid.

Under the hood of a Mankar HQ

So yes, the Mankar ULV system is applying herbicide under a shield, but the patented atomizer under the hood is really what offers the greatest benefit of the system. Less liquid, better coverage, and no drift.

Bayer CropScience announces new production facility
May 16th, 2013

As demand for glufosinate ammonium in North America continues to increase, Bayer CropScience has announced plans for a new production facility in Alabama.  This new facility will more than double the current production capacity.  Bayer CropScience sells products containing this active ingredient under various tradenames like Liberty, Rely, and Ignite, to many markets in North America.

You can read a longer article at Farm Industry News.

New annual weed control option for Golf Courses
Mar 20th, 2013

Valent's Sureguard label now allows for a late-winter application of Sureguard onto dormant Bermuda Grass for all-season control of a number of annual weeds.

Read the full press release here

Sureguard and its sister product Chateau are widely used in Mankar sprayers already on Christmas Tree farms and vineyards around North America.

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