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Chemical weed control with the lowest possible environmental impact

Mantra ULV Sprayer

The Mankar line of sprayers offer chemical weed control with the lowest possible environmental impact. In particular, the Mankar-Carry line are small, hand-held units that are convenient, light, and time-saving.

Mankar's patented segment rotation nozzle is the primary element in all our spraying systems. It is ideal for targeted applications such as between crops, along fence or property lines, between or under trees, or around buildings. As you don't need to mix the chemical with any water you benefit from carrying a lot less weight, less downtime (no filling the tanks with water, measuring, etc) and virtually no drift! For example an average backpack sprayer easily exceeds 20 kg, while a fully-loaded Mini Mantra Plus weighs only 3.3 kg! This allows for the efficient application of different preparations in a wide range of areas and in a way that protects resources and the environment.

Varimant ULV Sprayer

While this unit's basic purpose is for Roundup or other glyphosate products, it easily can handle a variety of chemicals - we are continually testing this machine and are finding it very effective with a wide range of preparations.

Mankar Distributing Inc. is a member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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