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Mankar HQ 45 ULV Sprayer

The Mankar line of sprayers can help you reduce labor and herbicide costs. The way they work is very different from standard pressurized sprayers.

Mankar's patented segment atomizers create evenly-sized, evenly-spaced droplets which allows high-concentrate products to be used. Through the use of hoods, atomizers, and a non-pressurized delivery, Mankar sprayers boast excellent drift control. As you don't need to mix the chemical with any water you benefit from less downtime (no filling the tanks with water, measuring, etc) and carrying a lot less weight!

Mankar-Two-S 40 Flex

While Mankar sprayers were originally designed for applying glyphosate products, they can handle a variety of conventional liquid herbicides.

Mankar Distributing Inc. is a member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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