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Wheelbarrow units for simple weed control between rows

Because the MANKAR®-Roll herbicide applicators are pushed like a wheelbarrow, they are well-suited for controlling weeds in large areas like nurseries, vineyards, and vegetable growing operations.

The MANKAR®-Roll units are lightweight (20-24 kg, 44-53 lbs) and the wheel-driven pump doesn't create any pressure to push against, so the machines are easy to use even up- or down-hill. Spray widths are available from 45 to 110 cm (18-44"). Depending on the spray hood, the spray widths are either fixed, manually adjustable, or spring-loaded to spray around obstacles.

There are three essential distinguishing features - besides the spray hood variants - between the different models:

Herbicide metering:
Alternative metering methods are available via a ground-driven pump or an electric-driven pump.  The main benefit of the ground drive is that you will have accurate metering no matter the walking speed.  The electric drive give you the ability to turn the pump on and off right from the handle.

Spray hood position:
On most models, the spray hoods is centred, although several models also have extension arms to move the hood off to one side or the other.

Mankar-Two 110 Flex
Spray width: 28-44 inches
The Mankar-Two 110 Flex has two spring-loaded sprayhoods to give a spray width of 70 to 110 cm (28-44") and is deployed primarily for in-row cultivations on rough terrain and / or on deep, soft ground.
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Mankar-One 45 ULV Sprayer
Spray width: 18 inches
This unit is outfitted with a plastic spray hood with a fixed spray width of 45 cm (18 in.
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Mankar-One S 55 Flex ULV sprayer
Spray width: 22 inches
This model has an extension arm which can be mounted on either side, which can be extended out to 50 cm (20").
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