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General Usage Tips

  • After use, fill the tank with water and open the valve to its widest setting. Empty the tank by overspraying the area you just completed.
  • After a period of non-use, look under the spraycap and make sure that the atomizer spins freely. It is best to use a pen or a paperclip. If it has become gummed up due to some herbicide residue you could blow the fuse!

Battery Charging Best Practices

  • Connect the charger to the battery BEFORE connecting the charger to the AC outlet.
  • When the battery is charged, disconnect the charger from the wall BEFORE disconnecting from the battery.
  • Following these two rules will ensure that you don't get a sudden surge of power going into the battery. Otherwise you risk blowing the fuse.
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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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