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MANKAR® Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Spraying Systems Main benefits

Patented technology

MANKAR® spares resources. Good for the environment, good for your finances. Only 2-3 litres of herbicide needed per hectare, thanks to the special ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) technology and patented segment rotation nozzles. Conventional systems, for example backpack sprayers, use many times more herbicide for the same area.

Undiluted herbicide application

MANKAR® saves time. No unnecessary work. You can start work right away, without needing to measure herbicide, add water, or mix. In most cases herbicides can be used undiluted. MANKAR® eliminates or reduces time-consuming interruptions for re-filling - no more returning to the water source every time you need to fill the tank!

Pressureless application.

MANKAR® sprays precisely where you want it to, nowhere else. Thanks to pressureless application at 90° to the ground and the completely closed spray cap, drift or mist formation of herbicide is reduced to a minimum.

High user-comfort

MANKAR® is easy to use. Available as light-weight portable models weighing as little as 2.9 kg, the MANKAR® range makes light work of herbicide application. The ergonomic design reduces stress to the user’s back and body. In comparison, a backpack sprayer can weigh 20 kg!

Low-noise operation

MANKAR®, the quiet alternative. Kind to the environment, and people’s nerves, thanks to low-noise operation.

Wide range of models and spray widths

Our huge choice of models and spray widths ensures you’ll find the ideal solution for your needs.


MANKAR® comes with rechargeable batteries. No more tangled cables. Depending on the model, charged batteries provide 8 or 16 hours of working time.

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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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