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Why these sprayers are so popular

Our Mankar Carry Line has proved to be a popular replacement for backpack sprayers for many reasons.

Mankar Carry sprayers are far lighter than backpack sprayers

The average weight of our carry models, fully loaded with chemical, is about five and a half pounds.  Also, all carry sprayers come with a shoulder strap to help you handle the weight.  By comparision your average backpack weighs over forty pounds!

Mankar Sprayers eliminate drift

We do this in two ways.  First, our sprayer creates droplets directed directly towards the ground at a high speed, hitting the plants and sticking to them before they have a chance to drift.  Secondly, our spray caps completely cover everything - protecting the droplets from wind and protecting your product from chemicals.  Because of these reasons Mankar products can be used in far windier conditions than traditional sprayers.

Actually, real spraydrift is generated by high-pressure sprayers.  Our system is gravity fed - basically zero-pressure!

Fewer refills, less downtime

"But with such a small tank" you ask, "how often do I have to refill it?"  The answer varies a little depending on the model, but in short:  less often than your large backpack.  Here's an example: using the Mankar HQ45:  If we use the standard setting of herbicide coverage to 2 litres per hectare and 4 kph walking speed, with the spray width set to 45 cm. (28 oz/acre, 2.5 mph walking speed, 18" spray width), you could spray continuously for more than 1 hour and 20 minutes!  Continuing for eight hours, you will find you have refilled only five times.  The second big timesaver is that we can use pure, concentrated chemical.  This means no mixing, no returning to the water source, no measuring!  For that 8 hour day you would only need to take the Mankar Carry sprayer and about 3 litres (less than a gallon) of product to the location.

Mankar HQ45 with Arm Support
Spray width: 6-18 inches
The Mankar HQ 45 with Arm Support and 1 Litre tank is the heavy-duty version of the HQ 45.
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Mankar HQ30 with Arm Support
Spray width: 4-12 inches
The Mankar HQ 30 with Arm Support and 1 Litre tank is the heavy-duty version of the HQ 30.
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Mankar HQ20 with Arm Support
Spray width: 8 inches
The Mankar HQ 20 with Arm Support and 1 Litre tank is the heavy-duty version of the HQ 20.
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When using any chemicals please follow label instructions and applicable local guidelines.
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