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Front- and Rear-Mounted

Varimant models for front or rear-mounting are suited to tasks where, above all, weight-savings are a consideration, such as on steep slopes or on unstable terrain, or where path-dependent metering is not desired.

The Varimant pump, as with the nozzle, is electrically driven via the tractor's on-board power supple while the spray jet is switched on and off by the push of a button. The unit's extension arms are standard equipped with plastic spray hoods with a spray width of 55 cm (22"). A folding mechanism on the extension arm ensures that the spray hood folds back upon contact with an obstacle (e.g. tree trunk) so that no damage will occur. The folding mechanism spring can be adjusted in order to better protect tender, young trees, for example, from damage.

There are narrower hoods available (40 cm / 16" and 25 cm / 10"), please ask your dealer if you would prefer narrower hoods.

Varimant-One-S 55 Flex
Spray width: 22 inches
These units are fitted with one extension arm with spray hood, which can spray 55 cm (22") wide strips along the rows.
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Varimant-Two-S 55 Flex
Spray width: 2x 22 inches
These units are fitted with two extension arms with spray hoods, which can spray 55 cm (22") wide strips along the rows.
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